DU Election: ABVP Wins 3 Seats NSUI Takes Vice President Seat

DU Election

The DU Election of Students Union were held on Saturday, which is taking place after three years because earlier this election was held in 2019. The biggest reason for the election not being held in a three year was due to COVID-19 which was there in 2020 and 2021 and what made it worse was that it could not be held in the year 2022 that is why this election has become even more interesting.

DU Election ABVP won on three seats and NSUI won one.

Delhi University Students Union Elections were held in which BJP won 3 out of 4 seats. This time again the flag of ABVP remained intact, Who got the post of President, Secretary, and Joint Secretary by winning this election. NSUI’s account is also open in this election, he has won 1 seat in his name, that is that of Vice President.

DU Election

ABVP Tushar Dedha won the election of President. Aiyesha Ahmad Khan of Miranda House, Arif Siddiqui of the Department of Buddhist Studies, Himanshu Thakur of Hansraj College, and Hitesh Gulia were among the eight candidates to submit their names for the position of president. A-U Tibbia College’s Soumya Kumar Satyam, Law Centre’s Alias Hitesh, Shimpi from Lakshmi Bai College’s Lakshmi Bai College, Law Centre’s Tushar Dedha from the Department of Buddhist Studies, and Law Centre’s Shraddha Gupta from the Department of Library and Information Science.

Abhi Dahiya of NSUI won the post of Vice President who got 22331 votes. Abhi Dahiya from the Branch of Buddhist Investigations, Ankit from the Grounds Regulation Center, Anushka Chaudhary from the Law Place, Sushant Dhankar from the Division of Buddhist Examinations, and Yash Khatri from Shivaji School.

Aprajita and Sachin Baisla From ABVP are chosen as secretary and joint secretary posts separately.

Compared to 2019, this year’s vote rate was greater. 39.90% of eligible voters participated in the most recent election. 

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