National Daughter Day: Celebrating the Importance of Daughters

National Daughters Day

The last Sunday of September is celebrated as National Daughter Day in India. This day falls on the 24th of 2023, According to UNICEF, India is the only major country where the mortality rate of girls is higher than that of boys. The sex ratio at birth in India is 900 girls per 1000 boys. Globally, 7 percent more boys than girls die under the age of five.

Apart from this, the statistics in India are heart-wrenching, 11 percent of girls die before the age of 5 years. Its initiative is to empower the girls and educate them, make them strong, and give them respect so that they can get hope in society.

History Of National Daughter Day

National Daughters Day has been celebrated in India since it was started in 2007. In a society where for centuries all honors were given only to sons and daughters had to take a back seat. This day was born with the noble purpose of encouraging parents to express their appreciation towards their daughters.

In some cultures in India, a daughter is considered a feast rather than a blessing. The purpose of National Daughter’s Day is that mothers and fathers should understand and respect their daughters for their rights.

Important’s Of National Daughters Day’s

The significance of Public Little Girls Day is found in the changing times in which we live. It is a day committed to joyfully commending the presence of little girls in our lives. Falling on Sunday implies a chance for guardians and little girls to share quality time, appreciate one another, and participate in discussions about their own lives. It is a day of sharing, being mindful, and reinforcing the valuable connection among guardians and little girls.

What message should you give your daughters?

  1. On this auspicious occasion, hug your daughters and give them confidence.
  2. She gives you hope as your daughters grow up.
  3. Remembering my good fortune, I tracked down you two times – our superb little girl, a genuine gift in our lives.
  4. A little girl resembles a deep-rooted companion, a gift from God.
  5. A girl brings blissful recollections, happiness at the time, and expectation for what’s to come.

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