Top:1 Mental Resilience

Medvedev's unwavering composure contrasted with Alcaraz's visible frustration, ultimately influencing the match's outcome.

Top:3 Stellar Service Game

Medvedev's impressive 88% first-serve accuracy in the first two sets  exerted constant pressure on Alcaraz, who struggled with his returns.

Top:4 Pressure and Expectations

Alcaraz, as the defending champion, faced high expectations, while  Medvedev thrived as the underdog, showcasing resilience under pressure.

Top:5 Emotion Management

Medvedev's calm demeanor in high-stress moments contrasted with Alcaraz's emotional outbursts, notably during a tense tiebreak.

Top:6 Adaptive Gameplay

Medvedev's adaptability and strategic adjustments thwarted Alcaraz's game, preventing him from taking control of the match.

Top:7 Efficient Break Point Conversion

Medvedev's knack for capitalizing on break point opportunities, breaking  Alcaraz three times, stood in contrast to Alcaraz's missed chances.