1: Shooting

India has won seven gold, nine silver and five bronze in shooting, so far that is a world record for India.

2: Tennis

India has won one gold from the pair of Bopanna and Bhosale and one silver from the pair of Ramanathan and Myneni.

3:  Equestrian

India has won one gold in Equestrian Games which was won by the entire team and one silver which was won by Anush Agarwala.

4: Squash

In Squash, India has won one gold which was won by the men's team and one silver which was won by the women's team.

5: Cricket

For the first time, cricket has got the status to play in the Asian Games in which Indian Women has won the gold medal by defeating Sri Lanka.

6: Rowing

Indian rowing team has won 2 silver in Men's eight and lightweight and 3 bronze in Men's pair,, Men's four and Men's quadruple scull in Asian Games.

7: Sailing

The Indian sailing team won one silver in the women's dinghy category and two bronzes in the men's dinghy category.

8: Athletics

Indian Athletics has so far won 3 medals in the Asian Games, 1 Gold by Karthik Kumar and 2 Bronze in Women's Shot Put and Men's One Thousand Race.

9: Golf 

Indians have won only one medal in golf so far, that too the silver medal which Aditi Ashok has won in the Asian Games 2023.

10: Wushu

India has won a silver medal in the Wushu game in the Asian Games 2023, that too by a woman in the 60 kg category, Roshibina Devi Naorem.