After the success of Pushpa 'The Rise', now comes Pushpa 2 'The Rule' which will be released on 15 August 2024. Looking at the promo of this movie, it seems that it will also be a hit.

Pushpa 'The Rise' was a big hit pan india movie which made its mark all over the world, now it is the turn of its second part. Many people already believe that this second layer is even more amazing.

The lead actor of this movie, Allu Arjun, has received the National Award for Lead Actor of 2023, which is a dream of all actors. This movie songs has also created unprecedented records.

The creator of this movie tweeted and said, "Remember the date", 'Pushp 2 The Rule' Pushp Raj is coming back to make a splash at the box office. Waiting to see what happens next to Push Raj.

In Pushs 2, we will again see Rashmika Manshana in the form of 'Srivalli' who has done a very good job as a sister-in-law who is in the hearts of people in the form of Srivalli.

The third part of Ajay Devgan's Singham is releasing on 15 August 2024, which is Rohit Shetty's film, Pushpa 'The Rule' is also releasing on the same day. Seen who will win this battle.