1: Sean Strickland's Shocking Victory

- At UFC 293, Sean Strickland pulled off a major upset, defeating Israel Adesanya to claim the middleweight title.

2 : Adesanya's Off-Night

- Questions arise about Adesanya's performance—was it an off-night or the impact of his previous fight?

3 : Unpredictable Championship Scene

- UFC championships have become more unpredictable, with frequent title changes and vacancies.

4 : Brief Reigns: The New Norm

Long-lasting champions are now rare, continuing the trend of shorter title reigns.

5 : Volkanovski's Exceptional Reign

Featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski stands out with multiple successful title defenses.

 6: Controversy Surrounding Strickland

Strickland's victory raises concerns due to his history of controversial comments.

 7: The Call for an Immediate Rematch

Dana White suggests an immediate rematch between Strickland and Adesanya.

 8 : Strickland's Unexpected Triumph

Strickland's journeyman status makes his victory even more remarkable.

 9 : Elevating the Sport

As the new champion, Strickland has an opportunity to positively impact the sport.

 10 :What's Next?

The UFC middleweight division faces uncertainty with Strickland as the  champion. Will he establish himself as a dominant force or continue the  trend of short-lived reigns?