Top: 1 The Nun 2 Release Date

Explore the anticipation as "The Nun 2" creeps into theaters on September 8.

Top: 2 Conjuring Universe Overview

A quick look at the Conjuring universe and how "The Nun 2" fits in.

Top: 3 Meet the Cast

Get to know the talented actors in "The Nun 2," including Taissa Farmiga and Jonas Bloquet.

Top: 4 Plot Unveiled

Dive into the story of "The Nun 2" set in 1956 France, where Sister Irene faces the demon nun Valak.

Top: 5 R-Rated Horror

Discover what to expect from "The Nun 2" as it earns its rated-R status

Top: 6 Director's Vision

Learn about director Michael Chavez's approach to bringing "The Nun 2" to life.

Top: 7 Streaming Release Date

Find out when "The Nun 2" is likely to hit HBO Max after its theatrical run.

Top: 8 Conjuring Connections

Explore the ties between "The Nun 2" and the broader Conjuring cinematic universe.

Top: 9 Valak's Origins

Delve into the backstory of the menacing demon nun Valak and her role in the film.

Top: 10 Horror Franchise Spotlight:

Understand what makes the Conjuring universe stand out in the world of horror franchises.