Fact 1 Origin and Name 

Nipah virus (NiV): A zoonotic virus, originating in animals, crossed to  humans. Named after a Malaysian village where first cases emerged in  1998-99.

Fact 2 Kerala Outbreak

Two suspected Nipah cases in Calicut, Kerala; two deaths from fever, one critical. Concerns of wider outbreak."

Fact 3 Private Hospital Deaths

The reported deaths occurred in a private hospital, raising concerns about the potential for further spread.

Fact 4 Mode of Transmission

Nipah spreads when humans consume contaminated fruits or date palm juice in contact with infected bat saliva/urine

Fact 5 Intermediate Hosts

The virus can spread via intermediate hosts. The Malaysia-Singapore  1998-99 outbreak likely started through contact with sick pigs or their  contaminated tissues.

Fact 6 Symptoms

Nipah infection causes severe respiratory issues and encephalitis (brain  fever) in humans. Early symptom recognition is crucial for effective  treatment.

Fact 7 Natural Host

Fruit bats, known as flying foxes, are Nipah virus's natural hosts, common in South and Southeast Asia, often near human-populated areas.

Fact 8 Geographical Spread

Besides Malaysia, Singapore has also reported cases of Nipah virus, highlighting the potential for the virus to cross borders.

Fact 9 Preventive Measures

Preventing Nipah transmission: Avoid contact with contamination, maintain hygiene, raise awareness about virus and transmission.

Fact 10 Research and Monitoring

Continuous research and monitoring of Nipah virus and its potential  outbreaks are essential for early detection and containment to prevent  future public health crises.