We all know Chris Evans as Captain America and he is a great actor and has acted in many great films. They just got married recently

Chris Evans is married to his Lover whose name is Alba Baptista. She is also an actress who was in love with many people and who suddenly got married.

Alba Baptista, an actress, was born in Portugal and is 26 years old. One of her very famous web series is Warrior Run. she has starred in a number of Portuguese films and shows

Ms Baptista's father Luis is an engineer, while her mother Elsa is a professional translator, People Magazine said. The outlet also said that Mr Evans and Ms Baptista started dating in 2021.

She is also involved in charity work. Ms Baptists worked at an orphanage in Cambodia in 2018. She is a very nice person who always cares for people.

Alba Baptista is known for her role in 'Mrs Harris Goes to Paris' and has won awards, like European Shooting Star Award at the Berlin Film Festival and an award for Best Actress

She is fluent in five languages - Spanish, French, German, English, and her native Portuguese - according to Elle. She has two siblings - brother Renato and sister Ana Luisa Baptista.